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What is MAGAART?

MAGAART is a capacity building project that aims to develop and conduct courses for PhD students and supervisors at universities in Kenya, Uganda and Nepal - i.e. courses which are fully or partly composed by eMode (eLearning), and with a learner-centred learning approach (PBL). The name ‘MAGAART’ is an acronym for the project’s six partner universities: Maseno University, Aarhus University, Gulu University, Aalborg University, Roskilde University, and Tribhuvan University. Read more about the project


2016.01.04 | Grants

MAGAART continues in 2016

A no-cost extension of MAGAART has been approved by Danida.

2015.09.01 | Seminar

Call for Papers - SDR seminar in Kenya

This call for papers is especially targeting Phd-students at Maseno, Gulu and Tribhuvan universities who obtained a PhD grant through the Platform on Stability, Democracy and Rights under the former Building Stronger Universities (I) programme, as well as their supervisors and co-supervisors.

Workshop in Kenya: Group work with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY
Workshop in Nepal: Introducing Moodle - an online teaching and learning environment

2014.09.26 | Education, learning and philosophy

Introducing e-Learning tools and PBL to PhD supervisors

Two Orientation Workshops on eLearning tools and PBL brought together PhD supervisors in Kenya and Nepal during August 2014.

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