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SDR seminar at Maseno University

Seminar on Stability, Democracy and Rights in Kenya

From 7-8 December 2015 Maseno University (MSU) hosted a wrap-up seminar on the research theme Stability, Democracy and Rights, which has been the MAGAART project’s academic focal point since the closure of Building Stronger Universities Phase I. 

The two-days SDR seminar had 22 presentations followed by peer feedback and discussions. Participants primarily came from one of MAGAART's six partner universities, i.e. Maseno University (Kenya), Gulu University (Uganda), Tribhuvan University (Nepal), Roskilde, Aalborg and Aarhus University (Denmark). 

No less than 9 BSU PhD students and BSU MA students used the seminar as an opportunity to disseminate their recent or ongoing research projects, and several PhD supervisors and professors from the partner universities contributed with a variety of presentations within the thematic framework of Stability/fragility, Democracy and Rights.

Some of the presentations (Powerpoints) from the seminar are available here:


  1. Mother tongue Education in Nepal, by Prof. Bal Mukunda Bhandari, Tribhuvan University
  2. Reassembling the Kenyan Security Sector: The Role of Civil Socie­ty Organizations in Security Governance, by Bernard Musembi Kilaka, Maseno University
  3. Human Rights in South Asian Migration and Diaspora Literary Dis­course, by Bhawana Regmi. PhD student, Tribhuvan University
  4. Organization and political participation in Kenya: civil and uncivil so­ciety, by Prof. Bodil Folke Frederiksen, Roskilde University
  5. Land Conflicts and their implications on social stability in Amuru district, northern Uganda, by Expedito Nuwategeka, PhD student, Gulu University
  6. English Medium Schooling as an Agent: For Radical Uncertainty in Nepalese Gurung Community, by Hari Maya Sharma, PhD student, Tribhuvan University
  7. Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal relations and Achievement among University Upgrading Teacher Students, by Helen Christine Amongin, PhD Student, Gulu University
  8. In their Own Voices: A Psycholinguistic Analysis of the Terrorism At­tack on Garissa University College, by Prof. Florence Ngesa Indede, Maseno University
  9. Reflections on recurriculation: moving towards problem-based course design, by Prof. Inger Lassen, Aalborg University
  10. Linguistic Democracy, Englishscape & Learner Identities in Rural Ne­pal, by Kamal Raj Devkota, PhD student, Tribhuvan University
  11. Oscillating Identity of Nepalese women: A Political Discourse, by Mee­na Gurung (Thapa), PhD student, Tribhuvan University
  12. A Critical view of Kenya´s Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Process agenda, by Michael Omondi Owiso, PhD student, Aalborg University
  13. Post war participatory reconstruction of Acholi; Contestation be­tween theory and practice, by Babiiha Mpisi Sulayman, PhD student, Gulu University
  14. Local Construction and Perception of security among Traditional Nomadic Communities along Kenya-Uganda-South Sudan Border Zone, by Olang Sana, PhD Student, University of Nairobi
  15. Health Risk Management of Earthquake Survivors: People’s Unity in Preserving Right to Life, by Prof Ram Krishna maharjan, Tribhuvan University
  16. Conceptualizing Democracy in Regional Organizations, by Tom Mboya, PhD student, Maseno University
  17. Dynamics of Instability in Wajir and Garissa counties of North East­ern Kenya, by Victoria P. Awiti, PhD student, Maseno University